Equilibrium is an indie game about two people, Darryl and Sebastian. They both make their way out of a warehouse after being kidnapped, and discover the horrible truth about an organization.

Following alongside, the player controls the duo in a big world, to explore and to figure out the mysteries alongside them.

This game cannot be currently played as it has been officially cancelled.

However, the demo is out in the public and playable.

  • Beta Demo
  • The Whole Story
  • My Thoughts

    I came up with this one day when I thought, "I'd like to write a story of my own." and so I did just that.

    Then I was like, "Maybe this could be a game." Worked on the story and the game for one year...

    Somewhere along I realized that I didn't have enough experience and I just lost motivation.

    I mean, makes sense. Working on a project for 1 year takes dedication. Seems I lost that too.

    Another one of these projects where I was like, "This coulda been something!!" But never got to it.

    Definitely a cool concept, just didn't execute it at all.

    Darryl and Seabasstian

    They are both characters that I kind of projected onto. But onto mostly just Darryl.

    Darryl is like a friend who won't tell you what's going on in his life. Sebastian is that friend that's obnoxious but really fun to be around.

    And then there's also Lucian... Uhh...

    Maybe you could actually read the story for that.

    It'd be cool if you read the story for more than Lucian though LOL XDDDD


    Another project I never got to finishing, but I'd like to finish it if I had the time.

    If someone wants to try and revive this with me, I'm all ears. :)

    This is also a branch of the main site RED-ZONE. You can find all my other stuff there.

    take me back pls

    thank you neocities for helpiiig me create this website!!.