GWG'S Awesome Legacy

GWG's Awesome Legacy is about... GWG's Awesome Legacy.

Gabor falls asleep one night, only to realize that he can't wake up. All he has is his cat to keep him company in the meantime.

Travel through a strange and sometimes dark world to find your way out. Maybe also find out what happened to your loved ones that day...

This game sadly never got past the first stages of development. Funnily enough, out of all my games this one is my favorite creation.

Anyone wanna help me finish this...? No...? Okay then.

Just kidding, I have released the game. But as I said before, VERY unfinished. Beta

My Thoughts

There was actually little to none inspiration for making this game. I just sat down and started making something.

...Or maybe there was. I usually forget small bits of detail like that.

But I ended up creating Mr. Goobingson, the small and scrawny gremlin that constantly looks traumatized.

And then I realized maybe it could take place in a dreamworld, dreamland, type-ish thing.

I even asked some of my old friends if they could help me make concepts.

I don't have the art (sadly) but there was one idea for a worker/boss that was a bossfight.

Looking back on it, the game has a pretty good start. Concepts were being made, and it was being figured out.

VERY FRICKING sadly though, the game was CANNED.

And even sadder, this game was my favorite creation

I would finish it, but I don't know if I have the time, nor skill, nor patience, nor experience, nor... anything to finish this.

Infact, I will accept any help from anyone if YOU want to revive this cool project.

For now, GWG is canned...

This is also a branch of the main site RED-ZONE. You can find all my other stuff there.

take me back pls

thank you neocities for helpiiig me create this website!!.