Killian the Cat... thing...

A pretty cool cat I must say.

So Killian is like a cat, and he's gray... But he was so much more... Uhhh...

I'll tell you all about it.

It was originally a remake of Coupon Collection, but then it became it's own thing.

Beano, the gray cat that had to go on a mission to find the Golden Coupon's that granted wishes.

It was named, "Coupon Crusade" and then it became, "Beano's Coupon Crusade"

So that's cool!!!

This became the most worked on project I've ever done. But perhaps the most unfinished one?

Yeah I know, if you've read the previous pages than you're probably like, "Dude, what HAVE you finished??"

To which I respond, "heck frick i dunno lol uhh dadhisajkcxkzfnewdskj" but besides that... rpetty good.

Random fun fact time: this is one of the only games that I had a dream about. WOW!!!

It was about this small youtuber that found the Killian Crusade concepts and made a whole video essay on it

He said in the dream that he loved my concepts (I think) and even though I have no idea where he found them..

thatwas pretyty cool!!!

also there was an area in

And hey who knows!

Maybe YOU'RE that guy!!

pls im desperate

The Story

So as I said, it was first, "Cat goes to find golden coupons." But both Killian/Beano and the story got overhauled.

With what though? "Cat finds golden coupons but it turns out they were fake and stuff happens.

But maybe if you've lived long enough and consumed enough media you'd probably point that out and say, "Hey, that sucks!"


But I'm not done yet.

It turned into, "Complex, but simple thriller story. More twists and turns, with more mysteries awaiting."

Here you can read my whole idea brainstorm thing that I worked on!! im too lazy 😂😂

my whole idea brainstorm thing that I worked on!!

the most recent the VERY FIRST thing


...Perhaps having the longest "runtime"?

This is also a branch of the main site RED-ZONE. You can find all my other stuff there.

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thank you neocities for helpiiig me create this website!!.